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Strategic Planning & Market Investments
Economic Analysis
Marketing & Communications
Proposal Management
Foreign Market Research and Negotiations
Contractual Risk Strategies
Design and Transition to Build-to-Print

Careful preparation using tried and tested methods enables a project to flow from its beginning to completion in a methodical way that eliminates expensive missteps along the way that can lead to delays or, possibly derailing a project altogether.  A supplier must thoroughly understand their clients’ expectations and requirements when participating in a long-term program commitment.  GMC2’s experts can assist you to get your proposal accepted and efficiently fulfill the requirements of your contracted agreement.


Strategic Planning & Market Investments

  • Understanding industry paradigm shifts and corporate alignments can assist a company to successfully obtain strategic growth.

  • Exclusivity arrangements protecting investments via Teaming Agreements, Long Term Strategic Agreements, and Manufacturing Licensing Strategies can diminish unwanted competition when structured prudently.

  • Understanding and fulfilling export requirements and lead times can ensure success or disastrously complicate a project.

  • Automation and Capital Planning Requirements, and the pursuit to leverage for Best-in-Class can make a supplier indispensable to its customer.

  • Short term and long term commitments: elements of growth strategies and corporate objectives should mesh smoothly.

  • Integrating your products to Market Lines of Production becomes essential.

  • Analyzing competitors, strategic supplier arrangements, understanding your customers and industry dynamics help companies meet growth targets perhaps more quickly than previously anticipated.

Economic Analysis

Careful economic analysis assists prudent decision-making.  GMC2 experts can help you decide what your risks and opportunities are.

  • Planning to meet the manufacturing Product Line Demand Curve for your respective industry is integral to your success.

  • Understanding key economic factors that can cause barriers of entry to new programs is also important.

  • Is the market structure highly oligopolistic or monopolistic?

  • What are the projected growth factors of the industry leaders?

  • What is your potential share of the market?

  • What key pricing factors are affecting price growth?  Are you aware of the dependent and independent variables that can affect the outcome of your proposed project?

  • An informed understanding of the Rates of Return and Cash Flow Projections of investments and NPV Projection Curves are critical to your success.

Marketing & Communications

Working in close collaboration with Haviland Communications, Inc.,  GMC2 is able to provide a full range of communications services to assist clients in their efforts to “stand out” in a competitive marketplace.  Building “Brand Awareness” within the media complex of print, broadcast & the web can establish a company’s personality, increase awareness of its products and for a publicly traded entity, increase its value in the eyes of investors and the public.  Our experts bring a value-add to their services by vigilant cost awareness balanced with maximum message impact.  Services include:

  • Establishing your Corporate Identity with expert graphic design such as, logotypes and logomarks that balance symbolic meaning with images that define your company’s personality.

  • Seamlessly integrated thematic collateral marketing materials such as brochures,  multimedia presentations, business stationery, signage, media kits, “give-away” gifts, etc.

  • Press release management including: writing releases and distributing them to media outlets.

  • Public Relations services including: Event planning, trade show themes and concepts, display design, logistic planning, and representatives to support your sales staff at trade show events.

  • Advertising design, production and media placement.

  • Copywriting and scriptwriting.

  • Award winning “industrial” video production that can be used to sell product, present your company’s corporate profile to the public and investors as well as, train employees.

Proposal Management

  • Pre-proposal preparation becomes the foundation for later success of your program participation.

  • Statement of Work and Specifications Review must be thorough and complete.

  • Terms & Conditions Review:  Risks Management and completion of requirements criteria & payments can make or break a project.

  • A precise understanding of The Most Important Requirements integration with management themes and best practices are necessary.

  • The type of contract options must be planned carefully.

  • Amortization or completion payment(s) of non-recurring costs must be compensated in a timely manner.

  • Procurement Integrity Training regarding DoD Procurements is essential to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Foreign procurement  considerations must be taken into account.

  • Integrated Business Review (IBR) criteria and considerations are also critical to the success of your proposal.

  • Integration of the business proposal as set forth below:

Foreign Market Research and Negotiations

We are experienced in foreign market research, fact finding and negotiations with entities such as, Russian Aviation & Engineering, Airbus, and Boeing key Tier I partners located in countries such as:

  • Spain: Madrid
  • Italy: Naples, Turin, Foggia, and Rome
  • Russia: Moscow
  • Germany: Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart
  • France: Toulouse and Paris
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Brazil: San Paulo
  • England: London
  • Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal
  • Poland: Warsaw
  • South Korea: Seoul and Pusan
  • Japan: Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka

Dealing with foreign companies of widely different cultures can present a minefield of potential errors and misunderstandings. When coupled with our negotiating skills, our extensive experience is a valuable asset toward successfully completing agreements and marketing your products or services to foreign companies.

Contractual Risk Strategies

GMC2 executives are practiced at evaluating potential risks and pitfalls when negotiating agreements for their clients.  They are able to recognize and eliminate potential problems while mapping out successful strategies for profitable production.


Our team will establish contractual criteria as to what constitutes final delivery requirements per drawing or part number components.  We can define product and warranty liabilities, tooling requirements, and qualification and Path-finder requirements

Planning production strategies that guarantee the delivery of high-quality components that meet deadlines in a timely manner, and at reasonable cost guarantee repeat business from satisfied customers.

Design and Transition to Build-to-Print

The establishment of contractual criteria as to what constitutes final design review and first delivery criteria per drawing or part number of components facilitates the passing of design ownership to “Build-to-Print.”

Product and warranty liabilities must be met.  Tooling requirements are finalized and qualification and pathfinder requirements are established.



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